December 18, 2017

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Date of Birth August 24, 1959  - Died on 2-23-08

The writing below I found on a travel blog still remaining on a St Croix travel blog posted about a week after his death. Because my original and modifications to this text were on past computers. Please note, We do not know with certainty how Billy died. The Police said it was a suicide eventually because of powder burns from the bullet. Billy did acquire a handgun about 2 months before he died for protection because he was nurse that went to his patients homes and some areas in St Croix were very bad and unsafe.
William Thomas Fussell critical care unit nurse was murdered in the streets of St. Croix Saturday evening in Lagrande Princess on the island of St. Croix. He was driving to his mothers home Saturday evening 10:30 PM,where is was staying and was followed by 3 young black men. (Told by witness) Billy was found the next morning by a neighbor in the back where a new home was being constructed. Billy's mom talked to him that evening, he was frantically trying to fine an envelope he had hidden, and told his mother he was in really big trouble.
He found the envelope said his mother, and Billy got undressed for bed.
Last time his mother saw him. Updates to this will be posted below The local police in St. Croix are to classify it as a suicide at the present time. The reason for this is the tourist industry. St. Croix's only economy is tourism. William Fussell is a white man. A white man getting murdered in St. Croix is not good publicity. Another event that shaped the fate of St. Croix was the Fountain Valley Massacre on Sept. 6, 1972, which left eight people dead and four wounded. Four black masked men with semi automatics spay the golfers on the grass, then take 8 others and have them kneel in a circle and kill them off systematically. This stopped many cruise lines such as Carnival cruise lines for good. Ever since then St. Croix has hidden many murders for fear of a collapsing economy.
The detective were given critical information to help solve the case, but refused the information, stating it was a suicide. Leads to solve his death are not pursued. Daryl a friend of the victim and family is not being questioned. He has critical information that William was followed home that evening. Information about William's friend, William Arnold an Attorney on the Island whose home and cars burnt to the ground the same day as William's Death. ( Police are not linking this together)
William's mother Catherine Fussell is devastated. The purpose of writing this is to force St Croix's detective unit to investigate William's death thoroughly. I will be writing to all USVI State Dept., and the United State Federal Bureau of Investigation. All email correspondents will be mass mailing with all the offices attached thereby acknowledge to all departments. Lets stop the corruption. Lets bring justice to the island. Below are the email addresses for you to contact the St Croix police.
William Arnold Attorney tied into Murder case William Arnold Attorney of Mary's Fancy fled St. Croix, USVI after drug lords burn his house, and 3 cars. William Thomas Fussell 48 a critical care RN of Evans GA, had recently met Mr. Arnold a month earlier was shot and killed execution style as the "fall guy" in La Grande Princess late Saturday evening in the back of his mothers home, Catherine Fussell. The local police are trying to claim William Fussell's death as suicide. They are not connecting this.
Facts: His mother claims two weeks earlier that Billy didn't want to receive any more phone calls from Mr. Arnold. The night of his murder he comes into the house and tells his mother he's in deep trouble and tries to desperately find an envelope.(With his mother said he found) Another Friend told his mother that he was followed home that evening by three young black men.(Followed) After the his death the coroner Michelle Dupre reports a broken nose (confronted) Billy was found the next morning under a construction table in a construction site, (trying to hide before his murder)
Billy took off his clothes when he got home his mother stated and was found the next day without shoes or and shirt ( he left the house hastily.. Suicide?)
After thoughts If anyone knows anything about William Fussell or Mr. Arnold who fled please email me so we can track him down and turn him over to the local St. Croix Police Here's a link email me Please write to the St. Croix police department, the more emails the receive on this the more they will be forced to follow the leads. Coroner Michelle Dupre: (340) 772 - 7486 email her Detective : finding out St. Croix Police Operations & Administrative Services Building 45 Mars Hill Frederiksted, VI 00840 Phone: (340) 778-2211 Fax: (340) 778-2373 Crime Line: (340) 778-4950 Email the police with your concerns Update: Landlord of Billy's mother finds rake and flashlight in back yard yesterday (3-01-08) To cover up tracks? Detectives obviously didn't search premises very well thinking it was a suicide. I was informed that Billy had a license to carry a gun. Evidently, his position as a nurse, took him into bad area's of St. Croix. checking now for permit number and registration.

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