December 18, 2017

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If you want to donate, please Go to Rose Edens Face book page See current updates at GoFundMe TracySinclairTracey Sinclair is the daughter of Ronald Hartigan.


  September 23rd 6:20 pm As it stands right now, Rose Eden Battistello needs to pay the Riverside Medical Hospital  in Bacolod City  54,000 pesos for down payment to the billing station in order for the Doctors tomorrow to continue treatment on Ronald Hartigan. He needs the following tomorrow: X-rays of his chest, pain medications, and other medications for his various ailments. However, as around 2pm yesterday 9/22/2014. Rose Eden Battistello she stated on the account On Rose Eden's Go Fund Me account update #42 the following:  As for hospital bills. The wife will be the responsible to pay his hospital bill because it’s her obligation as a wife. That’s what the Social Worker of the Hospital said to me today. Besides she is also collecting donation for the reason that Mr Hartigan is sick. On her update #41 .I told the hospital that I won’t be paying his bills anymore and let the D wife take all the obligation and responsibility to pay all his hospital bills. Besides the hospital find out that she is collecting donation as well. So what happens now?  regarding Gina Hartigan the ex wife. she has no money. She is indigent. please comment below and please go to her Rose Eden Facebook and comment  

September 22, 2014 at 3:11 pm (Edit) tracey hartigan sinclair says:

l thought because a gentleman name Peter kindly offered to pay for my dads and 4 brothers airfares the funds was going to be used to pay for dads hospital bills. l would not use the money to fly there as DAD needs that money for the hospital . The main goal is to get my dad well enough to travel so him and my brothers can come to australia as he wished.   Editors comment: Tracey Sinclair the daughter to Ronald Hartigan lives in Australia. She wants to come and help her dad, but she doesn't have a Passport or funding to go to the Philippines. When she calls the Hospital to check on her father she can't understand what they are saying. So every day and night she is so worried about what to do. Regarding the time needed to receive an Australian passport is 10 days after you submit the forms. See here     Tracey wanted me to post this...  
Tracey Hartigan-Sinclair
Tracey Hartigan-Sinclair
from now on l no longer wish to talk to Gina or rose.they pubish everything and twist it to suit them selfs .This is ment to be about my dad and brothers.Dad is fighting for his life thats what this should be about and Not publishing every thing that is said.l love my Dad but this has got so out of hand.Personaly l am so angre about whats happening

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