December 18, 2017

The most amazing women on the face of the Earth
While my ex-wife, Catherine Fussell was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I started making daily and weekly updates for friends and family members not living in the area. I never expected the results I would have because I was never trying to get them at the beginning. About a week before Catherine died, I noticed one of her last videos, I replayed a couple times and saw my first Orb.  After seeing this, I was shocked. Shocked because I was wondering who or what was in this orb. Was it my departed Mom or Grandmother seeing/waiting Catherine off to the next realm? Or maybe it was her deceased Father or grandmother?  I really didn't know, but would like to think it's very positive nonetheless.

After Catherine or "Cat" for short died, I immediately started using my cell phone taking videos night and day, and to my surprise I would always capture many of her Orbs. This was both fascinating and comforting for me knowing we don't really die after we leave this Earth but only the body or shell is gone. After serveral months of capturing orbs, another family member died, Michael Fussell Cat's brother.

Michael J Fussell

This was devastating news to the family after Cat had just passed, and now another one is gone. I really feel for Cat's Mom loosing 2 of her children in less than 2 months.   .

I guess it must be true when they say bad things happens in 3's because about 1 month after Mike died, my cat of 16 years Jasmine died.

This really affected me because Jasmine was there with me most of the time helping me be aware and validating the orbs because she would turn her head and watch them. However, I captured some Orbs of Jasmine as well. How can I distinguish between human Orb and animal Orb? Well, it's pretty easy when the Orb goes out a cat door opening you made. Lol  Here's the video here .




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