December 18, 2017

The most amazing women on the face of the Earth
I have recently been capturing EVP haphazardly. What I mean by that is after capturing the orbs on video, I have noticed there is often voices in the background. And almost always refer to me, "Steve" or "Cat" Catherine my ex-wife or "jasmine my recently departed cat. The first audio enhancement I can't quite make out but says something about Billy is with.......? Billy is my departed brother-in-Law and best friend I had on Earth. So if anyone can help me make out the last word, please leave it in the comments below.. thanks! Steve

Here's the original video untouched and below are enhanced audio clips only modified with amplification of audio only.

This Evp clip is from frame 19 sounds like "leap of faith" .
This Evp clip is from frame 29 sounds like "Steve, Jasmine with Cat." Cat or Catherine was my wife that died March 21 of 2017 and Jasmine my cat died July 1st 2017
This Evp clip is from frame 37 sounds like "Hi".
This Evp clip is from frame 41 sounds like "Billy is with Equinox".
I was going to add this in as well, but doesn't work out, but kept it anyways because its a picture of Jasmine my cat.

  • Jasmine EVP

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