December 18, 2017

The most amazing women on the face of the Earth
The following Video was taken on July 4th, 2017 3 days after my cat Jasmine passed away.  I know it's Jasmine without a shadow of a doubt because her spirit Orb is going out the cat door I built for her.  Funny thing is, I also have been noticing many EVP's on my Videos. Below I have used WordPad an editor I paid for but only 30 bucks. They have Audacity for free but I found that a little hard to use. please after viewing the short video of Jasmines Orb, see the audio enhancements below. Please not: I only changed the Amplitude..

Picture of baby Jasmine  hehehe


Below is full audio on above video

On frame 19 states, "????..... Cat" Please help me with this anyone, and comment in below

On Frame 27 states, "Jasmine had a life."  Please note I did have the TV in background, but this is too personal referring to my cat's name of Jasmine

On Frame 34 states, "Jasmine"

Thank you all for listening. Many more to come! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated Paranormal Intermission If you are wondering why Orbs and Evps are on a non topic website is because it's my personal site and I don't see the purpose when I'm already paying for this site.. Steve

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