December 18, 2017

The most amazing women on the face of the Earth

Born 6-27-1949 - Died 3-21-2017

Cat is at peace

This morning  3- 31-2017 at 9:15, I met the funeral assistant "Nadia" at Kay Pongers funeral home that I would follow her to the cremation building located about 5 miles away in Punta Gorda. Larry and I where the only ones to attend. I was told prior that there would be a button I would press to send the container into the furnace.  After arriving in the "industrial park", and walking inside my whole conception changed. Not what I was expecting, but it was my first time anyways. There was no button to press and I wasn't allowed to go into the back to press it. Only a 3' X 3' glass in the over-sized door to witness.  I turned on my video... "I thought anyways" ...  Well after it was over I realized I didn't get a video. And I think about that now and realize it wasn't meant to be broadcasted. Also, I don't capture any more "Orbs" since the 8th day. I truly feel in my heart, Cat has crossed the other side now. I'm mentally also making a U turn and heading back home...


Catherine Died Tuesday morning March 21st 2017 at 10:15.  I will be holding a wake Saturday, the 25th at 4pm at 1171 leMars Ave Port Charlotte fl. 33948

All friends and family members are welcome to attend.

My phone number is 941 628 9155


What a beautiful morning it was outside.


Update March 20th

This update isn't as positive but things change daily. Cat has regained her appetite but now its fading once again, and when she does eat, she still loses the weight, I think because of internal organs affected not being able to process correctly.  My 2 main concerns now is her weight loss and her pain increasing. about 5 days ago Cat wanted 2 pain pills in the morning besides her usual 1.  The nurse ordered Cat an oral liquid Morphine to "squirt" in her mouth and within 10 to 15 minutes she has no pain. We are doing this about once a day now for the last 3 days only when she needs it, otherwise the regular pain pills.

Cat has been crying the last 2 days also because of various reasons. One day she will want to fight and win this thing and an hour later wanting to just die. She's super upset at her situation and I told the nurse today regarding this and tomorrow she will visit with Cat and hopefully they can get her something for this. This morning like yesterday morning she didn't want her pills, or water, or food. I'm hoping this is just part of the bad days and better days to come. 20170317_15130420170317_15150020170319_093701This is the liquid Morphine


Today the CNA lady from Jamaica that comes to see Cat each day, cleaned her up and braided her hair. I forgot to take picture on that.


Update March 13th

Been awhile since my last update for good reasons because Cat's general health conditions are improving.  Cat has gained her appetite but her energy level is a little low for getting up out of the bed, but, she's in a stable rational mind-set now unlike the "foggy" condition she was in last week.  Katy and Samantha her 2 nieces drove to Texas the other day to see their Uncle Richard.  Richard, I believe will be driving back with them some time next week. 20170309_1607344 days ago


3 days ago eating Wendy's Jr. Bacon cheeseburger

20170308_0846511 day ago

20170313_153718Today with her CNA, Sandra

Update March 7th

Well, I'm positive in the new medicine Cat is taking now. The old pain medicine hydrocod/APAP 5/325 tabs were making her sick, and the new pain pills called, "Dexamethasone" contains a steroid also which provides more energy and helps her breathe. Cat started taking her new medicine today, and I noticed she got up 6 times from bed when I visited her and I said, what's going on? You're flip flipping. The first couple times she said, "I'm just practicing for later tonight when I have to go to the bathroom." Then later she got up and I said, What's going on? and she replied, " I just wanted to see you." Then she laid back down and a few minutes later she gets back up, and I say, "Cat's what's going on?" he replied she needs to use the bathroom.  All in all, the new pain meds are providing a wonderful difference, but at the same time, Cat hasn't gained her appetite back yet.. But the move is in a very positive direction! 20170307_160503I think all can see Cat even looks better today  

Update March 6th

Well, I'm sad to say Cat hasn't eaten much of anything again today. A couple spoonful's of soup, a couple spoonful's of ice-cream... just not enough to sustain good health. This afternoon Cat's main nurse Terri come by regarding a phone call I made to her. Let me back up to the morning time. Larry a good friend of Cats and mine come over to help me deliver a sliding glass door to Stephanie's house and visited with Cat and looked at the pills she's taking.  Larry, also currently being treated for Pancreatic cancer told me to get Cat off the pain pills she's taking now because he was on them and it made him sick and he couldn't eat, so soon afterwards I called Terri up and she said she would have to determine that herself and she would be over later that day.  When the nurse arrived, she informed me that she wouldn't change to the pain pills Larry requested "can't think of the name sorry" because it was 8 times more potent, but she would be able to change them to another type that has a steroid in it, and it would help Cat breathe, give her more energy, and not upset her stomach and make her feel not feel sick.  So tomorrow morning a Fed Ex truck will deliver the new medicines and I'm hoping it will have good affects.  Also, the nurse had me take out the medicine from Hospice kept in the refrigerator and gave me some pills to give to Cat to help her stomach not feel so bad and maybe she can eat again soon.. Also, the nurse handed me a Do Not RESUSCITATE Order to place on wall 20170306_160727 That was unheartening 20170306_152501

Update March 5th

This morning Cat again refused her medications, and had very little breakfast only 1/2 cup small ice-cream cup and 1/4 small apple sauce cup. She went to sleep after the food shortly and wanted the oxygen tank started Later this afternoon Cat seemed much better although she ate again but only a small amount of ice-cream and pudding, but Stephanie was cooking when I left, so I'm hoping she eats more. Cat was up sitting on the bedside. I gave her all the medications, and afterwards wheeled her out into the living room close to the view of the backyard. Tomorrow I will remove the bathroom door and the door frame if need be so Cat can pass easily through the door use the bathroom. I also wanted to reiterate that Cat seems to have a few good days and a few bad days. So sometimes when you read my update and it sounds dire, it might not be that bad. Cat didn't want the Oxygen tube on when I was there..

20170305_170609 Cat eating some ice-cream

Update March 4th

Cat seems to have a few good days and a few bad days, so it's hard to evaluate her over-all condition. Today Cat ate half a bowl of crème of wheat, but at the same time she didn't want her morning medications.  Also, She had fallen while trying to use the restroom last night. She's okay. But this scares me. Later on in the day, she had her medications, and was sitting up on the bedside for a long time and had a little dinner, but not much 20170304_161403 (1)

Update March 3rd

Cat hasn't had her appetite again today, eating only half a fruit or pudding cup.  She needs help now to get off her bed to go to the bathroom. A trip to the bathroom seems to have Cat panting for air.  But, worse than anything to me, is she wants the oxygen on for the first time because she's having shortness of breath.   Her Pulmonologist said while in the hospital that the tumor in her lungs is causing the fluid build up and it will happen again and she can only maybe drain her lungs one more time due to infections or put a drain tube with a bag outside.  So this might be the next step taken.  Cat was having troubles breathing while in the hospital before they drained her lungs for about 6 or 7 days so it's not as dire as some think, but I don't know. I will start to give updates each day again because of the change.   20170303_155412  

Update March 2nd

Well, its been a few days since the last update.  I took a Video today of Cat but looks like I have to bring my old phone with me for Videos and pictures. I was able to transfer a couple pictures taken today however.  Sunday, a childhood friend of Cats paid a visit to her, Richard Jackson. Cat was eating pretty good but the last 2 days she has lost her appetite again.  I took Cat for her 2 week follow-up  to the oncologist yesterday and he seemed caring, but informed Cat and I that Hospice will take control now and no other follow-up is necessary.  The Hospice workers come 5 times a week to visit Cat and help her bathing. Today, Cat didn't want to take her pain pills because it makes her sick. I will inform the head Hospice nurse of this and see if any alternative pain medicine can be given. Surprisingly, Cat's not in much pain. I talked Cat into getting dressed and I took some pictures outside.


Maybe tomorrow I will be able upload a video. All the best, and God Bless

Update Feb 25th

Well, my new Metro phone doesn't let me upload pictures because the USB connection thinks it's my old Metro phone. lol. So no pictures again. Guess I will have to take my old phone and take pictures and upload and my new phone only for calls.  Or, maybe I can do a F-disc, or maybe only a scan disc will work.  Wow!  How screwed up things get huh? I can try and refrag my system, it's been 6 months anyway.  Delete all and start brand new is key.  Think I will take my old phone tomorrow and defy the change. Also, I wanted to mention that Cat is doing okay. Not great but certainly not bad and I think my daily updates should by every 3 or 4 days because daily at this point is not needed. If anyone wants to call me on my cell number anytime to ask how Cat is at anytime please call:  (941) 628-9155 .  Or directly to Cat: (941) 286-3837 please call twice consecutively because the first call she gets the phone in hand, second call she answers. I love you all.

Update Feb 24th

Sorry but no pictures on this post, I replaced my cell phone today. I was able to migrate the old pictures, and contacts however, it override  the new  pictures and video I captured this morning and afternoon. One of those days.  Cat is doing okay and eating but her energy levels are low and never left the room she was in today. I'm trying to take her outside the house daily when I see her, but not so lucky today. The CNA come today about 3:30 and asked Cat if she wanted a shower, and Cat was a little tired.  I'm thinking about vitamin B-12's now for her.  Cathy her mother is doing better and up and about a lot more than the previous few days. I think the antibiotics are helping.

Update Feb 23rd

Cat is doing much better in the last 2 days than the last 15 days.  She's starting to eat more and more each day. Cat's Mom Cathy got her antibiotics today and is taking them. A CNA come to see Cat this afternoon to give Cat a shower. 20170223_100034Cat going through her things to find what to wear. 20170223_104759

Update Feb 22nd

A good day all in all. Cat had a cup of vanilla pudding and a cup of applesauce this morning. Her pain on the lite side. Her CNA came over today and gave Cat a shower. Later in the afternoon she had some Chicken Noddle soup. She is eating again and will get her energy levels back. Cathy her mom still haven't received her anti-biotics and I will take her in the morning up to Walgreens to pick them up so Cat will not catch anything. 20170222_143709

Update Feb 21st

Cat is eating again a fair amount for her. So this is nice to see. Stephanie made her some cheesy French fries and she ate about half. I brought her some Guacamole and she had a small portion. She looked better today as well. I got her a Hospital type pee pad. 2 actually, so it can be washed while the other is used. Cat's pain level isn't as bad as yesterday because I'm insisting on the nurses recommendations she takes 2 pain pills at the same time. So far so good. A nurse came over this afternoon to shower Cat, but she opted for a sponge bath instead. Also, a grief consular a Chaplin came over to the house about 4pm and talked to see what religion Cat was and if she felt secure in her faith. Cat told the Chaplin she was raised as a Catholic and believed in Jesus and is not afraid of her journey.  He stayed about 30 minutes and left and will return in about a month or sooner if needed. Cat's new friend and comforter 20170221_154622

Update Feb 20th

I'm worried a little now because Cat hasn't eaten much of anything in the last 2 days. I bought her some baby food today, but she didn't want anything. The head Hospice nurse Terri said this is normal and she will start to eat soon. I'm going to get her applesauce tomorrow, and whatever else I can find that easy to eat. I need to find a larger pee pad for the bed also, and some baby skin crème called Aquaphor . I went to Walgreens today and couldn't find it, but will try Walmart tomorrow.  Regarding Cats medications, I have been holding back giving her some pills as needed like pain pills, but the nurse told me not to wait, but to have Cat take all the pills required for the day.  Besides the set-backs, Cat has low energy levels but her mind is fine and we talk.  I changed the social worker coming from 3 days a week to 5 now. She will help Cat take a shower and other personal things. I asked her to come in the mornings because that's when we all need her most because she wets the bed every morning, but she can only come in the afternoons 20170220_102536my brother Bill's visit to Cat   20170220_093935 20170220_093947

Update Feb 19th

I wanted to say foremost the Richard texted me this evening and his home safely in Texas.  I have pictures of Cathy and Stephanie results from Edward the hairstylist yesterday. 20170219_152139 (1) 20170219_152146 Cat was up in the morning at the kitchen table when I was there to do a few minor repairs in the house. I brought Cat some coffee in the morning with food, but she only had 3 sips of coffee and one small bite of food. She also started to feel pain for the first time and I gave Cat 2 pills for that. Everything was okay. I left and returned about 3:30. At this time Cat was in bed when I walked in and very tired. I tried to get her to eat something but she didn't want anything and complained about a pain in her vaginal area and that morning she had put some topical crème, a baby rash ointment and I asked her if the pain was inside or outside on her skin, and she said outside. So I told her to stop using it, and I will find the kind the Hospital was giving here tomorrow.

Update Feb 18th

In the morning when I came over,  everyone was up and sitting in the living room before breakfast having family talk one being about Edward the hair stylist coming over in the afternoon. Cathy, Cat, and Stephanie all getting their hair cut, trimmed, dyed or whatever they do. Lol.  I got Cat a breakfast burrito from the near by Burger King. My return trip, I brought over a small refrigerator, and table for the refig to set for Cat to store her meds, food, and other.  About an hour later, Edward came over, but Cat was too tired and wanted to lay down. I got Cat situated in the bedroom and we chatted a little while.  She had another slight panic attack and I gave her anti-anxiety pill which helps her sleep as well..  Cat was sleeping when I left. 20170218_15511520170218_165852

Update Feb 17th

Everyone was up and about when I came over this morning about 9;30 am. Cat at the kitchen table with the family. A scheduled social worker arrived at 11am to assist Cat in showering and other personal things.  Cat was fairly good this morning in mood and spirit. I gave cat some yogurt and she ate it all. This afternoon I came back by and good thing I did, Cat was crying when I walked into the house and I said what's wrong Cat?  She said she walk up from her sleep and nobody was home. Cat's mother Cathy was sleeping on the couch in the living room. Everything was okay, but Cat was having another panic attack, so I gave her an anti anxiety pill. I took her outside and talked awhile. Her spirits become better but she was still weak and a little confused. 20170217_163244 20170217_16325520170217_16120920170217_161223

Update Feb 16th

A hospice team worker came over this morning to Stephanie's  house to talk about what's going to take place over the next few days/ weeks regarding her medications, her nurse visits, and calling 911. Cat's medications now will be directly from Fed Ex each day and her normal Doctor will not be needed regarding filling her scripts.  Fed Ex tomorrow will be delivering a "care package"  In this package is needed medication mostly morphine for pain if I'm correct. This care package is implemented in case of after hours emergencies and the local Walgreens is closed.  This will remain in the refrigerator and if needed anyone can call the Hospice number we have and a nurse will be at the house within an hour to administer such care. A nurse will come 3 times per week to assist Cat with showering and other thing she might need. She can have up to 5 times per week and Cat chose 3 at this time.  Regarding 911 calling, the Hospice wants us to call them first unless it's an emergency and life threatening situation.   This all sounds very intense but its what was said.  Cat is happy to be out of the Hospital and doing the best I have seen in some time. 20170216_100242The Hospice worker in front on her laptop.

Update Feb 15th

Sorry for the late reply but fell asleep. In the morning when I visited Cat she was talking to the head nurse about a panic attack she had earlier. The Hospice team is going to provide Cat with anti- anxiety medication as well as pain pills.  Cat signed the contract yesterday with Hospice about at 2pm. They delivered a Hospital bed, table, wheelchair, and port-a-potty. Here's a picture of Cat ready to be released from Fawcett 20170215_170143

Update Feb 14th

Cat's over-all health appears much better. Her voice is getting a little better and I heard she's got Strep throat and being treated. Her 2 sisters came to visit Cat this afternoon and gave her a pedicure. 20170214_155120 20170214_155129Final results 20170214_162608   Cat should be discharged in the next day or two.

 Update Feb 13th

Cat's over-all health is better. Her voice is hoarse and will be receiving something for that. She's pretty much back to being herself. She requested a transfer this afternoon to Room 312. Her other roommate would keep her up at nights with moaning and crying. I came in this morning and had to walk out within 3 minutes. Her roommate had to relieve herself. I got Cat out of the room in a wheelchair and requested a nurse to clean her roommate up. Also, a more positive note: Cat's sister Mary from Georgia came to visit Cat today and brought Cat these flowers.   20170213_150941   20170213_082836

Update Feb 12th

Cat's over-all energy and health is increasing due to the pneumonia almost gone and her urinary infection being treated. She's still having and wanting her DNR removed and seeking a second outside Doctor. Her family came to see her today Cathy and Richard along with a good friend Richard Jackson.  The Video below taken this morning 20170212_093545      

Update Feb 11th

Cat's room changed this morning to room 308. The urologist told Cat today that her urine culture showed bacteria growth and is a problem why Cat can't pee easily because the bacteria builds up and obstructs the urinary tube. Another antibiotic shot was administered into Cat's stomach and was told it will take a total of 7 days for the bacteria to diminish so another few days in the Hospital I'm guessing.
Cat also wants the DNR band around her wrist removed and the nurse is waiting for the doctors approval. Cat is feeling better now, and wants to seek 2nd opinions about Chemotherapy and will plan a trip up to Moffat Hospital in Tampa when released from Fawcett.
Also, a Male nurse that gives Cat breathing treatments a few times a day, told Cat she doesn't need the oxygen anymore that her breathing now is fine. I told him, she wants it, and let her have it. I did not like him. But, it's positive that she doesn't.
I believe because her pneumonia and her urinary tract infection is clearly up is making Cat have more energy and clear thinking.
A close friend of the family Richard Jackson

Update Feb 10th

Today was very informative regarding Cat's condition. First off, Cats Pulmonologist "lung doctor" came in the morning and  explained that her tumor in the lung is causing the fluids to build up and they can't do anything accept maybe drain her lung once more. He said multiple times would cause infections and the cancer would exacerbate the infection.  So that was depressing news.
The meeting with the Hospice Lady today at noon was also informative. Currently Cat still has pneumonia and is being treated with antibiotic injections and the Hospital wants her to complete the cycle being about 2 or 3 more days. Upon discharge from the Hospital, Cat will sign a Hospice contract disabling her to call 911 any longer and the family needs to call Hospice directly and they will determine if it's a critical situation for Cat to back to the Hospital.
Upon discharge, they will bring a hospital bed within 4 hours to the house. Once a week a nurse will visit and check vital signs. About the condition of Cat to enter the main Hospice house, being bedridden isn't a factor, Not being able to clean yourself isn't a factor. The Liaison said being in extreme pain is.
 Rick on left, Cathy, Cat, Katy and Stephanie and hospice worker

Update Feb 9th

********** Important ***********

This after noon at 3pm when I saw Cat, a Liaison Toni Moore from Tidewell Hospice was talking to Cat that a Tidewell Home Health Care nurse will be in effect on her release from Fawcett and would check Cat daily. I told Toni I was concerned with admittance to Hospice in the near future because of past experience with my Mom Carol. My Dad told me he had to really fight Tidewell to get my mother admitted. She told me, this is the first step, but gave me a name of number to the Clinical Director- April Blood. Not sure I like this last name, but only a name. So at least, I can prepare now ahead of time.

Tomorrow at 12 noon is a scheduled meeting with Hospice and Cat.

So, if you have any questions to ask, think about that now. Write them down 20170209_110054This is one I don't like. Cat told me this morning, that they put this band on her wrist. DNR. I asked her what it meant, Do Not Resuscitate. A happier note: Cat 20170208_094303

Update Feb 8th

I went to Day's Inn this morning to see Cat. Upon arrival, I asked if she wanted a cup of coffee and she said, she couldn't keep it down. She's was up sitting on the bedside when I opened the door. She didn't look good and was having problems breathing she said.   I said would you like to go to the Hospital and she agreed. I was going to take her in the truck, but she didn't have the energy to stand, so I called 911 again. I immediately followed her to the Hospital after taking the stained sheets off the bed, and putting on a new bottom cover Stephanie and I got for her a few days earlier. After admission to Fawcett Hospital, they took a chest X-ray and stomach X-ray..  About 3 hours later, the doctor told Cat she's got a tumor in her lung. On top of everything else she's got pneumonia still from 2 weeks ago prior to her going to St Pete rehab. Also the doctor told Cat that a hospice team would come to see her later.  She's currently waiting to be transferred to room 314. After talking to her brother Richard over the phone he told me Cat is doing better with the medications and looks and feels better.  Cat had a busy day today with visitors, Richard and her Mom Cathy, Stephanie, Katy and Mathew, Larry and Laurie close friends. 20170208_094303

Update Feb 7th

Cat is doing mentally much better being in a clean and comforting environment; However, this morning I was going to take her into Fawcett memorial Hospital because of the pain on her side where they drained her lung was hurting her badly, but after coming back from acquiring a wheelchair for her, the pain subsided and she didn't want to go. Cat also handed me the St. Pete rehab discharge papers and they are informing.  CatMedicalRecords  Oh, and to make things worse, I had Cat call her primary medical Doctor in town and make an appointment so we could get the "Home Health Care" going where nurses will come by each day to check on Cat and her appointment with the Doctor is not this Thursday, but next Thursday on the 16th at 1:30 I believe. So maybe the oncologist at Fawcett can sign them.. I don't know yet.  I brought Cat some Lasagna tonight, but she only ate 1 bite and said her stomach is feeling upset. Later she asked me if I can get her some medical marijuana. I said, might not be medical but I can help. 20170207_174930 Cathy should be landing in Tampa soon at 9:32 pm flight 1617 American Airlines via Miami to Tampa. God Bless to all.

Update Feb 6th

Cat was expected to be released this morning at 11am. I went there at 10:30, but unfortunately she wasn't going to be ready until about 3pm. I left because I had to take my brother Bill for his monthly lab work and Rose to work. I arrived back up at 4:30 and Cat was soon after released. The plan was to stay at her sisters Stephanie's house until the family got into town, but after arriving at her sisters, Cat went to use the toilet and called me for help to get up. The toilets are low-profile and she doesn't have the energy to get up.  We decided to get a motel for a couple days, until Cathy and Rick and Mary arrive in town. This morning at the rehab, Cats nurse was talking about her cancer in her lungs. Cancer in her lungs? This is shocking. 5 days ago Cat called up her Medicaid insurance to see if she could transfer closer in town and learned from the insurance gal on the phone more details about her cancer she never knew about, that her "Kidney was shot". I asked today for the medical records in the hospital because everyone else seems to know more about this cancer than Cat and her close family members, and I was told I would have to call the records dept tomorrow for that information. Anyways, it's a sad day that pertinent information is hidden from the patient and family members. Cat's in Day Inn, Port Charlotte. Room 114. 20170206_104651

Update Feb 5th

Cat's brother Richard and life-long friend Richard Jackson came today to visit Cat. They talked about old times and some laughs. I'm picking Cat up tomorrow at tomorrow. The following day, I'm picking up Cathy from Tampa International unless other arrangements are made. I avoid night driving because my eyes are impaired by oncoming lights. Will do my best, nonetheless. Cat's eating okay about 1/2 her meals and her side still hurts. She wants to take a shower in private and not a community shower at the rehab.  

Update Feb 4th

I wasn't able to visit Cat today, because I completed a tile job for Daniel. Most people know who he is, a friend of Stephanie's. I loaded the truck up with my tools and brought them to the house. I did speak to Cathy, and she told me she was flying into Tampa on Tuesday Feb 7th at 9;30 pm. Stephanie also confirmed this flight with me. She is going to bring her scooter with her so the person picking her up must have a truck. I have a truck and so does Richard, so that's good. But might be a problem for me until I know the schedule of Rose if she is working Tuesday, for I have to pick her up at 11pm every night. Cat is okay but complaining about her side where they inserted needle to drain her lungs. It hurts and stops her from sleeping well.   The following might be Cathy's flight schedule, I searched for it online:
4:55 PM – 7:10 PM
Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (STX) – Miami (MIA)
American 1293 · Boeing 737
Average legroom (31")
3h 15m
 Layover in Miami MIA
1h 13m
8:23 PM – 9:32 PM
Miami (MIA) – Tampa (TPA)
American 1617 · Boeing 737
1h 09m

Update Feb 3rd

Cat's brother Richard showed up after driving from Texas this morning about 10 am to see Cat and spent most of the day with her. Very nice. Was a pleasure to see Ricky after 14 years. Video below: Cat's spirits are up, but her ankles are very swollen. I guess water retention, but Monday I will take her to her doctor for follow-up. 20170203_093236

Update Feb 2nd

Cat is being discharged Monday about 11 am. Her appetite is good however she's having stomach pains. I'm bring her some "Tums" tomorrow as well as some clean clothes, her necklace with a cross, and some pictures she requested.  Will update with pictures and video tomorrow.

Update Feb 1st


Cat is eating more today. But still doesn't want to be in the rehab center. Says her roommate snores at night and wakes her up. 20170201_103027

Update Jan 31st

I wasn't able to go and see Cat today, but I did talk to her on the phone. She wanted me to get the green cloth container with pictures and wanted me to find the one with Ricky and her with sombrero hats on. I know what's she referring to but I can't find it yet, but did find a green cloth container with the pictures below. CatandGirls

Please press on the picture to zoom in, it's a fantastic picture of Cat and the 3 girls best ever.


Another nice moment in time taken in Port Charlotte about 2002?


MomDad   Cat called her Medicaid  insurance up today because she wanted to know what's wrong with her.  They said in the file it shows her liver is "shot" This is not medical terms but translations on insurance agent, but nonetheless, it's too the point. I'm bring Cat more clothes up tomorrow about 8 am. 1485304433866 This last picture is when Cat was in Fawcett Hospital still, I'm showing this so you can see the doctors names...  

Address: 4201 31st St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Phone: (727) 867-1104Please scroll down for updates

January 6th Cat flew from St. Croix to Florida because of poor health. She saw her family health Doctor a week later. Her Doctor wanted Cat to go directly into the Hospital. On the 13th of January Cat was admitted to Fawcett Memorial Hospital in Port Charlotte room 338 bed 1
Address: 21298 Olean Blvd, Port Charlotte, FL 33952
Phone: (941) 629-1181
Cats personal cell number is 941 286 3837
Please excuse the redundancy of this, for family members not knowing yet*
Catherine was initially diagnosed with pneumonia and high blood pressure, but days later cancer stage 4. After speaking with the doctors they told me the cancer is in her liver and kidney and chest and even her skull but not her brain. They are waiting for one last test result to see if the cancer is localized. This biopsy has been sent out to another lab and is not expected back until Thursday I understand.  I will post the results of this and daily updates.
I saw Cat this morning and they had her sitting in a chair eating breakfast which was a nice thing to see instead of being confined to the bed. Pictures and Video below. Cat is going to be transferred today sometime to a rehabilitation center. I will update that when it happens with contact numbers and address.
 Video taken this morning Monday 23rd, 2017
Pictures from this week:
Taken this morning Jan 23rd
Yesterday Jan 22nd
 20170121_084801Taken Sat Jan 21st

Jan 24th update

Cat's doing better in regards to eating and energy levels, but at the same time she seems to be forgetful the past 2 days about minor things. Might be the medication. Some good news, the  cancer  on her skull is not threatening.  I'm waiting still on her last test result to come back from the lab.  This will determine if Cat can be operated on or not. So it's very pivoting the awaiting results. Cat was going to be transferred to Avon Park Florida to a rehab facility today , but this has been cancelled by the rehab facility and Cat's case worker is trying for two others, 1 in St Pete Florida and the other in Fort Lauderdale. I'm hoping its in St Pete not being to far to travel.  As soon as I know where Cat is going to be transferred, I will post the address in the updates.   Some pictures of Cat this morning   20170124_124632 20170124_124635

Jan 25th Update

  The test results came last night, but I didn't want to post. Unfortunately, the test results wasn't what we all wanted to hear, but rather making Cat's cancer inoperative. In fact, after learning this the Doctor came into the room last night and told Cat her cancer is terminal.  The administration is still looking to place Cat into a rehab, either Ft Lauderdale or St Pete for 1 month to help her gain her strength back. This was delayed because a nurse found blood in Cat's stool and they wanted her to stay for some blood tests. Cat is doing much better physically. More alert, and sitting up to eat and chatting with all the nurses and other resident next to her.  Cat is having her lungs drained tonight to help her breathing, a very simple procedure and nothing to be alarmed about.  Pictures below taken today and one video Below Video Cat before going down for drainage procedure Below Cat was seeing a little ghost child in Hospital Cat's talking about going back to St Criox for a few weeks after she feels better. I will post more tomorrow as information is learned. A volunteer came into the room and had a small cart of things to give away and Cat choose the small blanket20170125_154510  

Cat didn't know I took these pictures, but I will ask the nurse when I go back


JAN 26th Update

The Video is this morning Cat awaiting for her lungs to be drained from fluid. I also want to mention the pictures above were Cat back is discolored is from when Cat fell in the Hospital walking to the restroom.  I found out today that Cats' Kidney levels are improving and they took her downstairs this afternoon for the draining of the fluid on her lungs. This will make her breath better which in turn, she will be able to sleep better, and get more oxygen.  Because Cat is talking a little funny, seeing ghost children, and today wanting to look at peoples features better so she can remember.  I believe this is from the lack of oxygen and tomorrow she hopefully will be more rational.  As far as the rehab is concerned, it looks like it will be in St Pete Fl. So this is terrific news for all close family members. I do not have the address yet, but heard they have an opening and are willing to accept Cat in as long as her insurance approves.  I will post another update tomorrow. Another picture below   20170126_095732  


I wanted to clarify the draining on the lung procedure and the lateness, or not scheduled proper because I mentioned it 2 times above. Well, they couldn't proceed at first because Cat was on a blood thinner called, "Plavix." And had to wait a couple more days before the could do the procedure. This morning when I came to visit Cat, her case working was getting her bags packed to be sent to St. Pete.  I told Chris, that Cat had a draining of the lungs procedure this afternoon, and needs to stay until that's finished. He went to check with the doctors and confirmed.

Jan 27th Update

Cat is doing so much better after the draining of 1.2 liters of fluid on her lungs. Below is a video to demonstrate what it looks like.   After they drained her lungs, Cat slept very well and this morning was more alert and more rational. I was shocked at the amount of fluids in her lungs and Cat said it looked like the color of beer. Cat was transported to BayPoint rehab in St Pete at 12:20 this afternoon Bayfront1  



Address: 4201 31st St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Cat is in room 413
Picture from this morning
I will give updates and pictures of BayPoint tomorrow when I get there...   But she is doing better now because she can breath!  She is sleeping better, more rational etc.

Jan 28 update

I went to see Cat this morning at her new location in St. Petersburg. Again it's Bay Pointe Nursing Pavilion.
Address: 4201 31st St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712
her room is 413 Cats cell number is 941 286 3837 The building is old and the residents are lower middle class. She called me a few minutes ago crying because she can't get any rest saying a older man is yelling for help all the time. This is very distressful. I told her to relax and lets see if you can get through a few days and things might get better, if not I will get you out. She feels like she's in a homeless shelter, but its rehab.  When I went to see her this morning she had an accident in her pants and was wearing a form of depends..   If I get her out, she might sleep better, but her care would be neglected as far as bathing and cleaning.  On top of this her legs and feet have swollen up and I told Cat to put them up in bed. She doesn't have a Doctor in rehab; only nurses, so any major problems she might have might be neglected. This concerns me as well. So if anyone has some wisdom please shed it. But, the pictures and video below is shows Cat in a positive setting.  So maybe a few more days will be best and see how things are doing.. 20170128_084729 20170128_08474320170128_09382320170128_10455720170128_111918  

Jan 29th update

Cynthia and her mother Stephanie went to see Cat Sunday .  "Thanks for sending me the pics on fb to post here!" 16402318_1220090874707035_2060919517_n 16425260_1220090884707034_602161764_n16441383_1220090878040368_1685080868_n Cat was very happy to see Cynthia.

Jan 30th updates

Stephanie and I went up to St Pete this morning to get Cat out because she doesn't want to be there. After talking to the nurse about discharging Cat, 2 administers working at the rehab came inside the room to talk about the discharge.  If Cat leaves the rehab on her own free will, they wouldn't stop her, but her medications would not be given to her and home health care would be in jeopardy.  So I strongly suggested she stays until the doctor in residency gives Cat permission and this will not be from 7 to 10 days the administrator told us.

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