December 18, 2017

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maamroseeden       UPDATE #43
Sorry guys I just arrived from Manila.For the update about Mr Hartigan. All I know that if there is anything changes about his condition the Hospital will ring me as soon as possible and all the obligation been referred to his wife Gina Depasucat. Especially about his hospital bills. But his daughter Tracy messege me and begging me to pay her father hospital bills. But the hospital didn't call me like before when they want another amount to be deposited towards Mr Hartigan's hospital bills. Besides his wife also doing fundraising since she started watching Mr Hartigan. The hospital told me. I guess everything okay.Now the reasone why I went to Manila. Someone from Australia called and ask me to go to Manila immidiately and to talk to the Australian Consolate and the Immigration. They ask me to hand something to the Embassy for the sake of Mr Hartigan and myself. And told me to tell the Embassy everything. I been ask to find out everything in person what to do and what help Mr Hartigan can get.This is what they said to me. From the Consolate, they said they called the Hospital last time to check if how's Mr Hartigan condition. They monitor his health condition. They said if anything bad or good happened to Mr Hartigan. They will only assist to contact his family. But financially they won't help and the money I raised from the fundraising will be use. Meaning fund will be set aside for that reason. For Immigration, citizenship and passports. This thing can only be done by both parties. By Mr Hartigan and the consent of his wife Gina Depasucat and with complete documents signed by them both. Noone can processed the kids papers nor the Embassy but only them. Meaning do not believed if someone says they can processed Mr Hartigan and the kids documents to leave the country. Now if Mr Hartigan can fully recover. He can get his wife consent for the kids to leave the country with him and all the the money from my fundraising will be use. Again Immigration remind me that they can only assist the processing of the Citizenship of the kids and passports but all documents has to be paid by Mr Hartigan. So what I understood. Whatever happend now need to be sure there is money ready to be use. And that's the purposed of the fundraising that I started for. So if anything happend and there is no any money. What would happened then? That's why the funds should be on stanby only for their passport and tickets to travel. Because the Consolate or Embassy don't help financially. Now even if I want to continue or share the hospital bills am afraid I can't do it at this time because the funds hasn't been transfered yet in my bank account from Paypal. I don't have control with it but to wait maybe till friday. About the people saying they can processed Mr Hartigan and the kids papers, that is a lie. And to those who wants to liquidate my fundraising. You can request the copy of my bank account from Australia when the transfered is finalized. I challenge you to do so. I can give you the copy of all money donation from my account at BPI bank and all the receipt of all the expenses when this is all over.... That's all I have to say. I tell you more tomorrow after I visit the Hospital. Goodnight.
  UPDATE #42
Sorry I just logged in. Lots of resetting password. From gofundme to Paypal account.Anyway guys, what I saw today in the hospital room of Mr Hartigan is not really good. He was crying and trying to tell me something when he is pointing his right fingers to his left arm. It's already over 1 week and still not much recovery for him.Also my life has been threaten by the other party. They threat this issue just like a game because of money. So tomorrow I will tell everything to the Embassy about the Mr Hartigan before it's too late.About the fundraising money I will ask the embassy what to do with it exactly tomorrow.As for hospital bills. The wife will be the responsible to pay his hospital bill because it's her obligation as a wife. That's what the Social Worker of the Hospital said to me today. Besides she is also collecting donation for the reason that Mr Hartigan is sick. They said, i should use the money to what really the reason why I ask.Just a reminder maybe you see people using my name to raise fund as well. Up to you to help but whatever am not involved with them.Also the scammer Regil Villanueva was caught today and detained at one of the Police Station in Bacolod, for asking donation using my name. The Police called me to confirmed if I knew him. I said, No!
Rose Eden Battistello 9/23/2014 10:am
2 hrs · Makati ·
Hi hello everyone. After I visit Mr Hastigan in his hospital bed yesterday. There is only one decision for me to make. Seek the help of Australian Consulate or Immigration. I don't think he can make it unless I do something and help will come for him. He was trying to tell me something when he show me his finger cover with ink. Then his right finger pointing out to the left arm where few needles are. He was trying to tell me something but his heart can't handle it. Then me a...nd the Head of the social worker just left. He knows I can't do anything even if I want to. So my last hope is to come here in Makati and seek legal advice.
God bless and protect me & my family and most of all Ronald & his kids. Thanks.
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